On February 12th, we celebrated

Aunt Peggy's 60th Birthday!

Aunt Peggy is my dad's sister and one of the 5 original investors in our Red Rabbit Racing partnership. She lives in El Paso, Illinois on their own horse farm, with long suffering husband Bob. (Any man who marries a Johnson woman does hard time in the marriage.) 

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Peg's daughter Jody, her husband Alan and their lovely daughters Lily and Sophie threw the surprise party at their local community center. The Festa was attended by: Aunt Harriett (Peg's mom) Uncle Roy and Mary Lou (Peg's brother and wife) Steve, Barbara and Mary (Peg's cousins from Indiana) Jean Gallo and family (Peg's niece and my sister) local area friends and of course Rick & Kathy Johnson and sons.

Picture Top right is Aunt Peggy walking into the Surprise party. Picture upper left is of Peg and Brother Roy. Picture left is 4 generations. Mother Harriett, Daughter Peggy, granddaughter Jody and great-granddaughters Lily and toddler Sophie. Beautiful. I gave Peg 2 gifts - the first a montage of the life and times of Peggy - the second a picture of her with Bill Clinton!