In late June, good friend Billy Glick set up a couple rounds of Golf with some visiting

Kansas & Texas Golf Pros

The Pros were here to play in a local golf Tournament - and CAN THEY PLAY!

Picture right shows the group from right to left featuring:


As a group We played Sunday at Wynstone and Monday at Ridgemoor in Chicago. Following the  Monday round we had dinner at Pete Miller's. On the Monday morning the Pro's were a bit late to meet us for the ride up to Ridgemoor. Apparently, they got locked out of their house and had to stop at the a local department store to buy some fresh clothes.

I am told that only one of them bought new underwear - the rest went commando. Imagine - swinging that hard with no undies! Talking about living fast and loose! Picture left is David Resch's followthru during round at Wynstone. 

We called him "The Squid" cuz the kid has no spine. Picture all the way on the bottom is the group at dinner. 

While we played with these Pro's we really got an appreciation of each of their swings. Effortless yet immensely powerful.

Video above shows that exquisitely. Hit Play button to view

Thanks to Billy for setting this up.

thanks to all the Pro's for what was a great couple of days.