Along with sister Laurie and husband Mike, Kathy and I went to Washington DC to see the

Rolling Stones.

Having bought a VERY expensive package which included 3 nights hotel in DC and 2nd ROW SEATS TO THE STONES SHOW, we headed out to our nations capital on October 2. 

We toured the National Mall on the 2nd and Mike and I hit the Museums on the morning of the 3rd. The evening of the 3rd featured the Rolling Stones playing at the MCI Center - an indoor arena holding about 18,000. Our package provided us tickets in the 2nd row about 10 feet away from Mick center stage.  The four of us did not sit down for a moment during the 2 hr 15 minute show. 

There were many highlights and I will detail a few:

Click Here For The Weeks Snaps

On the 4th, the 4 of us took the little red trolley for a view of Washington DC. While the girls got off at Georgetown to shop, Mike and I went to Arlington National Cemetery, to view the graves of John & Robert Kennedy, recently deceased Chief Justice William Rehnquist & Charles "Pete" Conrad - Ricks favourite.

For Kathy & I the trip was a combination 20th Anniversary Celebration and Rick's 50th Birthday Celebration. I wanted to keep it a surprise to Kathy but at least 15 people blabbed beforehand to her - so the surprise was out the window. Picture left is a night shot of the Capitol building from our balcony.

Picture lower right is of sister Laurie and Husband Mike. Picture Lower, Lower right is of me with sister Laurie at one of the Rolling Stones Cocktail parties we were invited to. We had a great time, and we are already planning about getting the same type of Hotel/Ticket Package when the Stones play London next year. If you want to join us - let us know.


And lastly...

It's Only Rock 'n Roll - But We like it!

Rick's Bootleg Video of the stones taking a bow after the show