On June 5th, At Buffalo Grove High school, we were proud to attend

Bryan's Graduation

Kathy, along with Bryan's Godmother Aunt Laurie, family friend Sharron Lee and myself were all in attendance for the big ceremony held in the school gymnasium. 

Tears were flowing - especially from Kathy and Laurie as they remembered all too long ago little Bryan who has now grown into a fine young adult.

All the pointed discussions about his grades and his emerging work ethic are now distant memories as he completed his time at BGHS and will attend Harper College starting this summer.

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Kathy, I and the boys gave him an Apple Powerbook as his graduation gift with the hope that it will get plenty of use at University. We will be holding the best graduation party later this summer with all his friends in attendance.

Picture left is of Bryan receiving his diploma, while picture Right is Kathy and Aunt Laurie congratulating the new Graduate. Picture below is a proud Mom and Dad with Bryan. Check out the video on the bottom of the page of Bryan getting his diploma.

Congratulations to Our Oldest Boy and all Our Love as he now moves on to College!

Bryan Graduates from Buffalo Grove High School