Ben and good friend Weston (I call him Easton), teamed up with some other chums to form

the Raging Raptors

Football (Soccer) Club.  They will play 7 games over the winter and had their first effort this past Saturday where they lost a cliffhanger 10-1.  

Ben played defense in the first half and then played goalie during the second half.  As goalie, he was proudly decked out in this best Liverpool Football Goalies' Jersey that he had got when he was in the UK in 1998.

Picture left is of the young warriors after their first effort.  Unlike their opponents, the Raptors had not played together as a team before and even though the score was a bit lopsided, you could tell that they were really going to improve as the season progresses and they learn to play with each other better

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Picture below is of Ben's good friend Easton ramming one off the boards.   Easton has played soccer for most of his life and it shows -  as he is quite good.  Ben will be doing some catching up as he hasn't played soccer in years - but he is gamely trying and I am quite proud of him. 

Stay tuned for updates on these guys.....