On February 25, it was time to go to the

Turnabout Dance!

Tracy, Ben's girlfriend of several months now, asked Ben to be her date to the Turnabout dance at Buffalo Grove High School where they are both Juniors.

 As you can see she looked quite lovely at the photo session held at her parent's home. Joining Ben & Tracy for the evening were their friends Jenny & Louis shown in the group photo below right.

Prior to the dance, they went to an Italian eatery for dinner called Giacomo's. Lovely Tracy paid for the whole date herself, which is the tradition for the Turnabout dance. 

click here for all the snaps on the evening

I played a trick on Ben by taping a photo of himself as a diapered 2 year old in his favorite leopard bathing suit on the inside of his flower box for Tracy. When he opened that box he blushed, but even he had to admit it was pretty funny.

As usual I made a video to mark the event and it can be seen all the way on the bottom of the page.

They make a lovely couple don't they?