During the week of June 19th, Brad attended the world Famous Space Camp at the

Cosmosphere Air and Space Museum

in Hutchinson Kansas!

As usual, Brad was joined at space camp by cousin Scott Gallo. Both of the boys were attending their second session. Brad was named commander of his team and is shown flying the Space Shuttle simulator in the left hand commanders seat. 

During their final shuttle mission, Brad had to deal with a number of unplanned emergencies thrown his way by the Camp counselors. The most dire was a radiation spewing "Solar Flare" that caused Brad to execute some crisp directions to keep ship and crew out of harms way. Whew!

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Brad and Scott had a busy week. Though they roomed in the dorm together they were on separate flight teams. Throughout the week, they trained for their difficult Space Shuttle Missions, learned how to Scuba Dive to experience weightless Space walks and also learned "Ropes" by using Zip lines, Climbing ropes, etc which would come in handy if they needed to abort their mission with the shuttle still on the ground to get out alive! 

Once again Brad rode the centrifuge pulling a whopping 4 G's at max rotation. The bad news is, that like last year, Brad threw up upon exiting the centrifuge. The good news is he was able to make it to the washroom before spewing! (Last year he hurled on the centrifuge!) A big improvement.

Immediately, below is Brad and Scott being wrestled by the counselors after the graduation ceremony. Picture all the way on the bottom is of Commander Brad with his team "Kitty Hawk" getting their diplomas at the graduation ceremony. Scott's father Steve Gallo was also proudly present to witness son Scott's graduation. Afterward we retired To Prairie Dunes Country Club for a celebration dinner before starting the long 740 mile drive back to Chicago early the next morning. Both Steve and I were very proud of our sons and their accomplishments on the week. 

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Congratulations to the Astronauts Brad & Scott!


Brad & Scott Attend Spacecamp