Turnabout Dance

Season came again this year and Brett's girlfriend Brooke, asked Brett to 2 dances - one at her own Wheeling High School and the second at Brett's Buffalo Grove High School. 

Brooke and Brett have been dating for several months now and as you can see make quite the couple. The first dance, held at Buffalo Grove High School, was on February 25th. Brooke looked very pretty in a red long length gown. 

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Brettie work dark colors for both dances and as you can see looks rather grown up of late. They went to the BG dance with Brett's friend Charlie - who is Class President - and his date Ashley. 

The second dance at Wheeling was held on March 11, and Brooke wore a shorter number that looked great on her. 

I took snaps of the 2 of them at Brooke's house and then headed to Brooke's friends for snaps with 6 other couples. 

On this evening the entire group went out to eat at 'The Cubby Bear" in Lincolnshire. While they were eating, Kathy and I had dinner with Brooke's Mom Joy at Champ's located nearby. As usual, the video of the magical night is below.

You looked Beautiful Brookie!


Turnabout Video