To Hospital With Brettie

On August 15th, Brett was practicing football with his sophomore team at Buffalo Grove High School, where he is a running back.  During a tackling drill he got hit 3 times during a single play and suffered a concussion.

He was taken by ambulance to Northwest Community Hospital and given Cat Scans, x_rays and multiple examinations with the diagnosis being a concussion. 

They were concerned that mentally he really was still 'Out to Lunch' so they admitted him for overnight observation.  When Kathy and I met him in the emergency room, the attending doctor was quizzing him with the following questions:

What day is it? 
     Brett's answer: Thursday   (It was actually Tuesday)

Who is the President?
     Brett's answer:  Unknown

What month was he born
      Brett's answer : October  (He was born in September)

As you can tell he was really out of it.   Over the course of the rest of the day his memory started to return, though he has no recollection of the hit or ambulance ride whatsoever.   

The Neuro Trama doctor wanted to keep him overnight with the hope that he will go home the following day.   Picture upper left is of Brett arriving at the Emergency Room on a backboard and with his head immobilized.

Picture below and to the left was Brett's ambulance as I followed it on Central Road, with last picture of Girlfriend Brooke comforting her Brettie, even though his mind at the time is mush.

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