On August 19, Bryan was back to Western Illinois University to begin his

Sophomore Year.

Bryan took 2 classes at Harper this past summer and was anxious to start his second year.  He again is rooming with friend Chris R. and they are now residing on the 14th floor of Higgins Hall on the WIU campus. 

At present, Bryan is pursuing a major in Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice.  This second year is intended to get many of the compulsory classes out of the way to focus on his major in years 3 & 4.

Picture left is on Bryan in his dorm room filling out paperwork.   His dorm is co-ed, meaning that the floor he resides is inhabited by both genders.   Well done Bryan!

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Picture lower right is of Bryan's Higgins Hall where he is living at

Higgins Hall
1310 W. University Drive
Room 1406
Macomb, IL 61455

Picture below is of Bryan moving into the dorm.  Pictures all the way down are of Bryan and Dorm Floor residents in A Mud Volleyball game.  They sure do work hard in University - don't they?

Study Hard Son.  

We love You and miss you already!