Unbelievably and all to quickly, it was time for

Bryan To Go To University!

On January 15th, we left Bryan at Western Illinois University where he is enrolled as a second semester Freshman. He lives in a dorm room on campus on the 11th floor of Thompson Hall with roommate Chris - who is a long time friend from Buffalo Grove HS. Bryan is interested in majoring in criminal Justice and Western has a nationwide reputation as a great school for that discipline.

Brad came along with us on the trip to get Bryan situated in his new digs. Obviously it was very difficult for Kathy & I - but for Bryan it was obvious he was very excited and was not looking back one bit. Picture right is of the proud parents saying goodbye to the new freshman.

A funny story was when we got the key to get into Bryans dorm room and opened up the door. The room was filthy - as no one had cleaned it following the departure of the previous resident. Kathy then rolled up her sleeves and sent Bryan to find a vacuum cleaner while dispatching Brad & I to the local dollar store for cleaning supplies. She got the room in proper order which probably got her mind off the fact that she was leaving her first born on our departure.

Picture left is of sister Jean & family along with our family saying goodbye to Bryan over dinner the night before he left. He sure is a good looking boy isn't he? 

Jean & Steve sent Bryan off with tears in their own eyes - but more important to Bryan was the 50 bucks Jean slipped into his hand for a little folding money. 

Bryan, of course is wired for e-mail and I am sure would love to hear from any and all. He can be reached at:

Bryan Johnson
Thompson Hall 1120
1080 N. Western Avenue
Macomb, Illinois 61455
e-mail bryan@rickyjohn.com
Cell phone 847-404-6259

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Picture below and to the right is of Bryans dorm building (room arrowed). Picture at the bottom is of Bryan walking away from us as he heads to his dorm room. 


Bryan - All our Love to you

We Are so proud of you and keep your eyes on the Prize!