Kathy and I are blessed with many Nieces and Nephews - all of which have  a great diversity of interests and talents.  This page however, deals with 3 of them who attend Barrington High School and are involved in extra-curricular activities for their school.  The first is

Jayme Batz,

senior daughter of Kathy's brother Jay & Val Batz.   She is a lovely young lady and a joy to be around. Pictured left, she is the Baton Twirler for the school and is nothing short of spectacular.  We are so proud of her.  She marches out with the school marching band and performs during the pre-game and halftime shows.

Click Here For Snaps Of Jameson In Action

Click Here For Pictures Of John & Scott In Action.

John & Scott Gallo

are sons of sister Jean and worthless husband Steven.  John is a senior and Scott (Rick & Kathy's Godson) is a Freshman.  They are proud members of the Barrington Bronco's Marching Band Performing in the Drumline.  

John wields a drumset consisting of 5 drums, while Scott toils on the Bass Drum.   John wrote the cadence that the band marches out to and it is clear that younger brother Scott thinks he is pretty cool.

John is pictured right marching by me while I am yelling out his name to try and crack him up.  He didn't flinch. 

Scott is pictured lower left, looking as cool as ever from underneath his shades while he bangs out the Bass backbeat to the band.