Our 13 year old Bradley played the featured role of Eugene in the musical


his 8th Grade Play at Jack London Middle School. Playing the role of Eugene, Brad was the class "Geek" - active in his school's student Council, but really as uncool as you could be. He struggled to get dates and dance partners.

Brad opened the play dressed as seen in photo left and provided much of the comedy throughout the play as he was made fun of by most everyone. When Brad came out, Kathy and I didn't even think it looked like our Brad as he appeared so grown up.

Picture lower left, shows Brad in his finest Geek sports coat dancing with "Cha Cha", the hot girl from another school. Unbelievably, Cha Cha asked Eugene for his phone number but he was too shy to cough it up and went back to being a wallflower at the dance. I have to say I was getting a bit tired of everyone else in the play being portrayed as these cool "Greaser" guys while our Brad was the one and only Geek. 

But in the final scene, Eugene (Brad) brought down the house   when the stars of the stage asked Brad to come out to befriend the dateless Patty.

 Eugene then entered the stage in picture shown below and had transformed himself into the coolest "Greaser" of the bunch. 


All of Brad's friends in the audience went wild when they saw the young stud strut onto the stage and he had to wait for a few moments for it to calm down so he could utter the play's closing lines of

"A Wop-Ba-Ba-lu-Bop A Wop-Bam_BOOM!"

Absolutely spectacular! We were so proud of Brad as he really did well. Picture immediately below is Brad accepting the applause of the audience during the curtain call for a job well done.


Way to go Brad!


Brads Opening Speech As Eugene

Other Key Scenes With Brad

Brad Brings Down The House!