During the 1st week of May it was time for the annual

Hen's Trip.

This edition of the trip brought Kathy, My Mom, Sister Jean, Cousins Diane, Sue, & Deb, and my Aunt Joyce to mom's abode in Sunny Sarasota for 5 glorious days of endless chatter, wicked gossip & annoying stories.

Shown in the convertible to the right are all the Hen's along with the proprietor of a local restaurant who found them amusing and fun to be with. He must be deaf! He insisted on having his snap taken with the Hen's - and have hung in his restaurant. Don't know if he will remain in business for long.

The girls frolicked on the beach, visited the local shops and just soaked up the sun while their men toiled at home. Listed below is a link to the snaps - although I must admit whoever took them had the shakes pretty bad as most are a wee bit blurry. But then again so was the weekend.

click here to see the snaps of the trip and enjoy along with the girls.

Until next year ladies.....