Proving to all that she is more than just an All Star Mom & Trophy Wife - Kathy gets down and dirty playing Ladies

Softball  !

Kathy joined the 'No Excuses' ladies softball team at the invitation of friend Sharon G - mother of Ben's girlfriend Tracy.  Kathy patrols center field for this softball powerhouse and I believe she is still looking for her first hit.  (Hard to tell why she has been kept off the basepaths with that swing - huh?) They play on a weekly basis, though Kathy was sidelined earlier in the summer when she broke a toe on my luggage that carelessly she had not promptly put away.

In center field it is easy to mistake her for a white Willy Mays as she hunts down every fly ball even remotely hit her way.  In fact, just this last game a powerful lefty opponent drove one deep to right center field.  Quick as lightning, Kathy instinctively sprinted right at the crack of the bat, ran down the fly, put her outstretched arms above her, and watched the fly ball hit the ground untouched directly behind her for a triple.  What a play!

Picture left is of her first at bat, with the one right of her exiting the field to the cheers of the crowd for giving such a great effort on the fly ball she failed to catch - or even touch.   Snap all the way down is of most of the team following the game - which ended in a heartbreaking loss.

Click Here for a Short Picture Album Of Kathy and the Team

Way to Go Kathy - the whole family is proud of our All Star!














Video Of Kathy In Action