Pictured to the left is good friend and neighborhood chum

Tony V. 

(I was requested to remove his last name as anyone Googling Tony got this story returned first)

He is a likeable fellow, seems to possess better than average intelligence, and has shown to be an excellent husband, father, son, and family provider.  He religiously follows the athletic exploits of his only son, AJ - a star running back in his Senior year at Buffalo Grove HS.

Like me, he also loves the game of golf, and I must say he can demonstrate some power off the tee - though rarely down the middle.   He also can be goaded into the occasional tantrum - which of course his many friends try to evoke with regularity.

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So this story starts with a golf pretext and goes like this.  In August the Professional golfers  Association (PGA) held it's annual championship in our own back yard - at Medinah Country Club.  

This Championship was contested over 4 days by the best golfers in the world, including Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh and virtually every other professional linkster ranked in the top 100 in the world. 

Apparently, co-inciding with the Championship, Tony's co-workers proposed a day out of the office golfing.  As Tony lamely tried to explain, a number of e-mails went back and forth among the group - and Tony only half read them.  

Inexplicably, Tony gets in his mind from these half read e-mails that the outing is set for Medinah Country Club on the Friday of Championship Week.  He is not totally oblivious as he knows that Medinah has 3 courses on their property - and figures that they will be playing one of the courses not used for the championship.  

So like an excitable child, he starts out to Medinah on this Fateful Friday morning in his best golf togs (shown in poster right) for his 9:00am tee time.  unbelievably he is able to drive through all the traffic control and security right  up to the front gate of Medinah CC where he is finally stopped by a burly Security guard. 

"Can I help you?", inquires the security guard (Probably rolling his eyes)  

"Yes", states Tony, "I am hear to play golf today.  Where do I go?" 

The security guard looks him over, the Pastel polyester plus four slacks, the mismatched visor and well worn clubs perched proudly in the back seat - and he knows in a heartbeat that this guy is a real boob.  HOW THE HELL DID HE POSSIBLY THINK HE COULD GET ON THE COURSE TODAY!

Trying to be polite, the guard tells him where he can go - instructing him to do a 180 and get the Hell out of here.  Pissed, and starting to feel like a real bonehead, Tony complies.   He then reaches for his cell phone and after a quick check with his golf buddies, discovers that they are playing a municipal course in Romeoville and they are on the tee waiting for him.

When this story was told to me, I couldn't let something like this slide by.  So at every High School football game this year, I have been sure to rub his nose in this with the best happening this past Friday.   Kathy and I created the poster shown right and had it waiting for him at his usual spot in the stands.   Then I captured most of the fun when he arrived on video which can be seen below.


See Tony Find His Reserved Seat

See Tony Recognized By The Stadium Announcer

Way to go Tony!