Down to the Riverwoods Farm in downstate El Paso for a visit with

Salt Syn

Salt Syn is our soon soon to be 5 yr old filly laying up at the farm of Red Rabbit Racing partner Peggy Lenz.   Partner Jean Gallo, myself, Allie Gray, and Brad & Scott went down there on a beautiful December day to see how she was doing.   To us, she looked great and we are hopeful of getting her back training within the next couple weeks.

While we were there she got a fresh change of front shoes by Peggy's farrier and following that was turned back loose in her pasture with her great gelded friend Mr. Tipsy.

I got lots of shots of our magnificent beast so take a look at them and get ready for Red Rabbit Racing to make a big splash in 2007 as Salt Syn takes on all comers!

Click here to see latest snaps of Salt Syn