On a beautiful Friday evening on the 1st of June Ben and Rachel went to their

Senior Prom!

Adorned in a Top Hat, Cane and matching Monacle, Ben escourted friend Rachel to the Buffalo Grove HS Prom held at the Westin Hotel in Wheeling.  Rachel is a friend that Ben has known for some time and is editor of the BGHS newspaper.  Following graduation she is off to Missouri to study Journalism.

Ben & Rachel were joined by 3 other couples who as a group first gathered at our house for photos before they were off to the dance. As you can see Rachel looked beautiful in her lovely gown and other than the goofy Monacle, Ben looked great too.

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Picture left is of the happy couple, while lower to the right is one of my favourites featuring just our Ben.  All the way down is of the 4 couples before they dashed off to the Prom.  In the group photo, obviously it is Ben & Rachel on the left, followed by long time friend Sean Diedrich and his date Sara.  Next to them are Rawlins and Missy, (some of you may recall that Missy was Ben's Turnabout date earlier in the year) and all the way on the right is Bill and his date Julie.

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There was no school sponsored Post-Prom event this year so following the dance many in the group partied at Bill's house and were sorely tired the next morning.  The dance started a frantic weekend that commenced with the Prom, followed by multiple parties and culminates in their Graduation at 1PM on Sunday.

A funny story...   Like his grandfather, Ben is an extremely active & animated (and if he is really like my Dad, talentless) dancer.  Apparently Ben did not sit down for many dances and had command of the floor during an impromptu Break Dance session. 

On Saturday, it was my happy chore to turn in Ben's tuxedo.  I gave it to the woman at the desk and she checked to ensure that everything was being returned properly.  When she got to Ben's trousers, they were still soaked, and the check-in woman thought that Ben may have taken a splash in a pool.   "No", I said, "He is just a dancing fool and he perspires a bit!"

Not believeing me, she takes his trousers, puts them up to her nose and checks to see if she can smell any chlorine from a pool, which she would then use to charge me for replacing the tuxedo.  But, alas, her nose only inhaled Ben's sweat and after she apologized she excused herself, because I think she may have been ready to hurl.  Maybe next time she will believe her customers.


All the best Ben & Rachel on what was a night to remember!