On Thursday 15-Nov, the 2007 Buffalo Grove High School Varsity Football Awards dinner was held at the Atlantis Banquet Hall in Arlington Heights.   At that dinner our own Brett (aka Stonewall) was named the 2007

Offensive Prep Player Of The Year!

Brett, a junior running back, was recognized in a speech by Varsity Receivers Coach Steve Kolodziej. In that speech the Coach said that this award is one of the best they give because it recognizes the players who didn't get a lot of playing time - yet still perservered with tremedous dedication and drive.

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Picture right is of Brettie accepting his award from his coaches, while picture lower left is of Brett presenting a gift to retiring head football Coach Roberts.  Picture all the way on the bottom is Brettie with a proud Mom showing off his Award.

Kathy & I were at the dinner and were bursting with pride.  You see this is the 1st year that Brett was not a starter on his team. Ahead of him on the depth chart was a gifted runner that was a transfer into Buffalo Grove.  And you could tell throughout the season that his lack of playing time frustrated him greatly.

I had a couple talks with him over the season about perserverance, telling hime a story about his beloved grandfather who also did not get the game time he wanted when he played basketball back in the 1940's.   I told Brett that Grandpa used to play in the shadow of his twin brother Russell - who was a star athlete.  I told Brett that Grandpa didn't quit or grouse - he just practiced harder to try and get better.

Brett took that to heart and continued to give his all in practice, in the weightroom before the school day, and did extra running in the evening round the neighborhood to continue his improvement. He displayed a fantastic attitude. In past years we have always been proud of Brett in his athletic endeavors.  Like when he would QB his Arlington Cowboy teams, or when he scored 4 touchdowns in his Freshman homecoming game.  But I have never been prouder of Brett than I was this year, when he showed the character of a boy determined to excel - no matter what.

Congratulations Stonewall, your grandfather would have been so proud of you

as are we!