On February 24, braving a blizzard outside,

Brett & Paige

went to Buffalo Grove High School's Turnabout dance!  Paige, like Brett, is a sophomore at BGHS and a member of the BGHS Poms cheering squad.   They went to the dance with a group of 13 couples, first having dinner at Jameson's in Arlington Heights, and then on to the big dance.  Following, they went to a friends home for their after-party, with Brett getting home a little after 1:00 am.

As it was the turnabout dance, Paige had asked Brett to the dance by decorating his room with streams of crepe paper, balloons and a big poster asking him to the dance. Rumour had it that she asked Brett just prior to another young lady who didn't move quickly enough.  As their group was so large on the night of the dance, Brett had several of his football mates there with him, along with other buds - all on a snowy night in February.

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Picture to the right is Brett & Paige, with a snap of just the fellas left. Scroll all the way down for a snap of the entire group!

Looks like you 2 had a fun time!