Celebrating a busy and beautiful

Christmas Holiday

Always a busy time for us - this Chrismas season was especially busy with multiple parties, Bryan home from University and a quick fly-in visit from my Mom to celebrate the Yuletide with all of us. Mom was able to come in on the Friday before Christmas week, though only able to stay till the following Sunday.  Carl stayed back in Florida -  so Mom attended a hastily thrown together Hens party at Jean's on the Friday and then most of us were able to gather on the Saturday night at Jean's for dinner and some present openings!

On Christmas Eve, we followed our tradition of over 15 years now and went to Kathy's brother Jay's house where wife Val put on her usual beautiful buffet. Kathy's other brother Gary & family were of course present along with Val's parents Walt & Shirley.  Picture right is of Kelsey (daughter of Gary & Jan) and Jayme (daughter of Jay & Val) looking their finest.  As always we had a great time and thanks to Jay & Val.  Afterwards, we drove home while Brettie & I then went on to Trinity's candlelight service. Following that beautiful service at 12:30 AM we snuck in to my Dad's  & Uncle Russ' gravesites to say hi to them and pay our respects.  We miss Pop terribly - even more so at this time of year

On Christmas Day, Kathy hosted my side of the family, as all my sisters & their families came by for dinner and presents.   Kathy's served a Christmas Beef Tenderloin which was fantastic accompanied by all the sides and appetizers imaginable.  She did a great job - without any help from me! My sisters and their families stayed way too long - but we were all having a great time.  Picture all the way on bottom is of the cousins first and then the whole family on Christmas Day.

We truly feel blessed to have such great people within our families and this is a blessing we should never take for granted.

Merry Christmas