On the first Day of December we went to the wedding of

Mike & Shannon Diederich!

Mike is the eldest son of Stratford Road neighbors Peggy & Ross Diederich whom we have known for several years. Peggy & Ross have 3 sons and along with our boys we have watched many a game with them throughout the boys sporting life.   We were honored with the invitation and very glad to attend.

Mike graduated from Indiana University and is a career busting External Auditor with E&Y.  Lovely Shannon graduated from Illinois State and does something in the health/fitness/nutrition industry - or something like that.  As you can see she looked absolutely stunning and the 2 of them looked so very happy.

The first snow of the year appeared on their wedding day and while traffic moved slower to and from the church and the reception, it also made the day look even lovlier. They were married at St.Mary's in Buffalo Grove in a 2pm ceremony and the reception followed at 5:30pm at the Concorde banquet hall in Barrington.  They leave for a tropical honeymoon somewhere shortly.

Kathy & I were seated at table # 7 which featured many of the neighborhood crowd including Dawn & Tony Varco (yea he was the one that bowled an 80 at the beginning of this season), Suzanne & Mark Maddox, Bill & Simone Gerlach and Kim & Steve Ball.   We were seated right next to the dance floor and it was a wild night.

A night of wild dancing commenced led by the groom's brother, Sean - who is also one of Ben's best mates.  This boy didn't stop moving from the moment the orchestra started till when they bid us goodnight.  He danced with the Wilson Babes for a good stretch of the evening, along with his mother, his new sister and anyone else that caught his fancy.

Picture upper left is of the happy couple after they were pronounced Man & Wife, with the picture upper right being of their 1st dance.   The 3 pictures below are of them at their intimate head table, followed by a picture of the 3 Diederich boys, with the final picture being a snap of the ladies of the reception baring a little leg for the camera.  They might not be in their 20's anymore but they sure keep the attention of their men - like we could do any better!!!

Shannon & Mike - All the best to you as you start your married life together.