On April 19th,

Dylan Lee

was born to proud parents Sean & Gina .

Sean, is eldest child of best friends Gail & Bob He was born at Northwest Community Hospital and was the immediate hit at the nursery as his Grandparents and Aunties (at least 8 of them) crowded round the window to see the 6 lb. 10 oz. blessing.

Picture right is of the young family as they embark upon the most joyous journey ever.

Dylan is the 1st Grandchild on the Moran side of the family and I believe is also the 1st on Gina's side as well.  This kid will never want for anything, starting with a lottery to see who gets to be his babysitter.

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Gina had a Caesarean section delivery as little Dylan was in a breech position.   They were scheduled to be discharged from Hospital and back home on Sunday evening, the 22nd.

Picture lower left is of 3 male generations of the Moran family.

As you can see Bob couldn't be prouder.

Picture all the way down is a little joke, though he is cute enough to fight over.

Blessings to God's newest little family 

The Sean, Gina, & Dylan Family!