On February 10, Kathy attended a baby shower for


Gina is the daughter-in-law of great friends Bob & Gail having married their oldest child, Sean. Gina & Sean are expecting their first child in just a few months - and the word on the street is that they already know it will be a son!  (You know Sean - it would really burn your Dad if you named the youngster Ricky - just food for thought.) 

Sean & Gina live in downtown Arlington Heights and were married in a lavish do in 2005.  The shower was held at the home of Gina's mother and Kathy was honored to be invited.  The women at the shower competed in 2-woman teams to create personalized underwear for the soon to be born Moran.   All entires looked pretty original and can be seen with all the other photos in the link below. 

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Picture left is a radiant Gina practicing her baby grip prior to when it's required for real.  Snap right is a close up  of the happy couple as they await the birth of their first.  Below is a snap of most of the Moran girls - and are they ever lovely.  Stunners - every one of them.

All of our Love Gina & Sean as You await the happiest event of your young lives.

God Bless You.