Following the close of the Mid America Truck Show,

Bill, Brian and Ricky

drove back to Chicago - but took a short detour to see former boss Greg Goluska at his Raccoon Lake Indiana home . It was a stop that we packed an enormous amount of activity into a very short time.

First up was visiting the world famous Shoes Bar in Katlin, Indiana.  Picture left is us with the proprietor, nicknamed Shoes, given the enormous size of his feet. His establishment is an unadvertised jewel, without even a sign out front, that was reconstructed from an original barn that first stood on the site.   No Jukebox, No live music, just a great environement to have a drink and talk to a buddy or 2.

Click here for all the snaps of the day.

Highlight though was playing golf on a rainy afternoon at Greg's Golf Club, Raccoon Lake Golf Club, where I am proud to say he is is the 1st member of the 2007 season.   Raccoon Lake offers an unbelievably low yearly membership to play all the golf you can handle for the season.   Click here for The Raccoon Lake Golf Club web site.  We had a tremendous dinner at the restaurant that featured 2 fresh lobsters flown in alive (though not for long) to properly celebrate Greg joining the club.  In fact, the picture all the way down is of all of us celebrating Greg joining the Club.   In the picture are:

  • Brian Hoeg
  • Bill Spittal
  • Greg Goluska (Holding His Membership Card)
  • David Sr. (Restaurant Proprietor & Chef)
  • The 2 Lobsters (Last Known Picture Of Them Alive)
  • David Jr. (Resturant Proprietor, Golf Pro, Gourmet Server)
  • Mandy (Local Rockville Hottie)
  • Ricky
  • Charlie (Mandy Boyfriend)

Bonehead move of the year was me accidentally taking Greg's car keys with me when we left. Luckily he has 2 other vehicles at the Lakehouse so I didn't have to drive the 3 hours back to make amends for my goofy move. Sorry Buddy!

Thanks Greg - we had a great time!