Continuing a tradition that we have held for many years, it was off to

Arlington Park On Labor Day!

Cousin Debbie Bellew is responsible for organizing our annual Labor Day outing to the race track and this year was no different.  She, her husband Aidan, and Their children Katherine & Michael were joined by her father and family patriarch, Bob Johnson.   Her brother Jeff (Red Rabbit Racing partner) and wife Vicky of course were there as well.  As for us Johnson's Kathy, Ben & Brad came by with an extra special visit by Kathy & Rick's longtime friend Diane Keogh. (Babe on the right)

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The weather was warm and the action was even hotter as Uncle Bob blazed a frequent trail to the betting window to risk his fortune on the nags.   I think he came out a buck ahead.

In a twist this year, we had our family picture taken during the race - as you can see the nags behind us storming by.  Picture middle left is of a Chris Block mule letting go with a horrendous gas blast from too many baked beans.   Picture lower right is of Uncle Bob with grand nephew Ben having a good time at the races.

Thanks Deb for organizing the great day!