On July 7, we celebrated sister

Laurie Gregorio's 50th birthday! 

That's right, that cute button sister of mine is now just a nest of aged crowsfeet!  Her long suffering husband Mike laid on a party at their home 2 days before the actual big date and it was attended by family members and friends from her work & the neighborhood. 

Mike ran the big event and had attended to every little detail from who was bringing what - to organizing the sumptous, catered Pulled Pork sandwich delicacies.  I never tasted Pork that good before in my life!  It was wonderful! 

He even made sure that a large, unknown, deceased animal lay rotting beneath the party deck for an extra special sensory treat.   Well done Mike! 

Following the spread, we watched Laurie blow out the absurdly large number of candles on her birthday cake, followed by the opening of the gifts she got from her many friends and loved ones. (She won't be needing to buy vodka for many, many years.)   She received anti-aging potions from Victoria Secrets, Gift Cards, numerous bottles of Spirits and a lovely necklace from her sisters, Jean, Nancy, and Kathy.

As emotional as ever, (not even factoring the huge quantity of alcohol that she had already ingested) she choked up on all the tender messages in the cards that came with the gifts as well.

I love my sister and Happy 50th Birthday Chief!