On the frightfully cold evening of Feb 3, Kathy and I went to the Mt. Propect Civic Awards dinner to see the presentation of the "Best Business Buddy"award to Kathy's longterm friends & employer

Max & Irmi Ullrich

the owners of Van Driels Medical Supply Store in Mt. Prospect.  Kathy started work for Max and Irmi when she was just 15 years old and for the next 30 years worked for them until they retired from their business just a couple months ago.

Along with the 650 other guests at the dinner, Max & Irmi were joined by 2 of their children, Claudia And Chris, who along with their spouses proudly looked on as their parents were honored for their service of 50 years to the people of Mt. Prospect.

When presented with their plaque, Max gave a very moving speech, without notes, and spoke directly from the heart. He thanked his wife and his family for their support, and said that their desire was always simply "...to help their fellow man."   Max said he was proud that one of his employees "Kathy Johnson" was able to join him tonight. Kathy had tears in her eyes.

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Daughter Claudia has carried on the family business opening up "Van Driels Medical Support Wear" in a Mt. Prospect location a short distance from the original family business.  She is every bit as helpful as her parents were to their patrons and will undoubtably share the same success and civic standing her parents enjoyed over all the years.

Picture upper left is Max & Irmi with their children.  Picture right is Kathy with Max & Irmi, while snap all the way on the bottom is of the beautiful award that they received for their exceptional service. 

Our thanks and love go to Max & Irmi for all their loyalty and friendship to Kathy for over 30 years.

We Wish them continued Health, Happiness and Success in their well deserved retirement.