On a beautiful March spring afternoon, Kathy attended the wedding shower of our niece

Sara Moran.

Sara, is the beautiful daughter of great friends Gail & Bob Moran.  She is engaged to be married to studly Kevin Ryan later this year.  I have spoken with the young Ryan - and though he still needs to shine in a follow-up interview with me prior to the nuptials, he shows excellent potential for making Sara happy in marriage. 

The shower was held at Gail & Bob's house in Kildeer, and Kathy was honoured to be invited.

Click here for all the photos of the shower
(Photos courtesy of Mary Moran)

Kathy and I are so proud of Sara as we think back to when we first met her as a cute 4 year old girl who would knock on our door to play with infant Bryan. She is beautiful in every sense of the word, a good daughter, a good sister, a good friend with an excellent faith - a genuine joy to be around. 

Picture upper right is of Sara opening one of her many gifts at the shower, with Kevin by her side.   Lower right is little Sara as we first met her back in 1985, with the picture upper left is of Sara breaking Italian boys hearts on the Italian Riviera in 2004.


All our love to you Sara!