On a cool Wednesday March morning, Kathy, Ben, Brett, & Brad took the Amtrak train to Macomb to

Surprise Bryan

at Western Illinois University. The boys were off school for their Spring break, so we booked the 4 of them on the train for the 3 hour jouney to Macomb.   Leaving from the La Grange Ill station, they soon arrived in downtown Macomb around noon.

Their plan was to surprise Bryan on campus, but Kathy inadvertently tipped off Bryan that they were in town when she called him on his cell phone - and Bryan could see that the call originated from a local phone.  Surprise Ruined!

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They boys hung out with Bryan at his dorm and Kathy took the whole crowd, including Bryan's roommate Chris out for dinner that evening.   They stayed overnight in a local Macomb motel, with plans to see Bryan the following day.  Alas, Bryan was busy with his school work (Now that's the real surprise!) - so Kathy and the boys moved their return trip home to earlier in the day and choo-chooed back to La Grange arriving around 10:00am.

They all had a great time and I am sure that Bryan loved seeing his Mom and his brothers!