On a beautiful November weekend, the family went to visit

Bryan At University!

Bryan, now 21, is a junior at Western Illinois University majoring in Emergency Management.  Kathy, I, and the boys arranged to visit him for the weekend, taking in the last home football game of the season.  Along with us were the Diedrich's & the Ritzlers, who also came up to visit with their sons Sean & Chris, who also attend WIU.

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Prior to the game we tailgated outside the stadium with Bryan and his friends. Following that we took in the football game where WIU lost by a point. Picture right is of the entire group tailgating. Unknown woman crouching in front was a picture crasher - no one knows who she is. 

Against my better judgement, Bryan said he would take Brett & Bradwith him to a postgame Keg party promising me that he would ensure that they didn't drink (or snort) a drop!  It was odd seeing Bryan with a beer in his hand - but he is over 21 and can legally imbibe without my permission.  I, of course don't have to pay for his college anymore, either!   Keep that in mind Son!  Picture all the way on the bottom is older brother Bryan emerging from the Keg party with Brett, Brad, Kenny and babe Stephanie.

Ben paired off with Sean Diedrich after the game and both the Diedrich's, Ritzler's and our family got together for dinner at the local pizza join Aurelia's. 

It was great seeing Bryan and keep up the good work!