On the weekend of April 5-6 Kathy, Brett, Brad & myself drove down to visit son Ben at Eastern Illinois University and watch the

Air Band Competition.

A bit of an introduction first.  Freshman Ben, is in the process of joining a fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega at EIU.  As part of "Greek Week" at EIU, all the fraternaties and sororities compete in a competition called "Air Band" . 

Essentially, this is where each of the houses stage their own dance/song routine which is judged by local Charleston, IL dignitaries.  Bens frat was the first to dance and though they ultimately didn't place in the competition, they were extremely good - and were Kathy & my favourites.

As you can see, it is a bit over the top as Ben is clad in a ladies bathing suit while gyrating to a song that I just didn't quite get. 

Ben's friend Weston was also in the dancing troupe and can be seen in the picture link below. They have been practicing this routine daily for weeks up until the show.  Tis great to see the fruits of our had earned tuituion payments, eh?

Son Bryan couldn't join us as he is at WIU in Macomb - but we were sure to give him a complete update.  

Prior to the show, we walked around the campus and had dinner at world famous Marty's right on campus - where the meal for the 5 of us including Kathy's beers was less than $23.  Snap of the family chowing down is shown all the way at the bottom.

Following the show, Ben took brothers Brett & Brad to a frat party that was BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer) - though Ben said it meant Bring Your Own Brothers.  Apparently, Ben supervised the both of them and they weren't able to get into any trouble.  

Sunday morning, we all went out to the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in neighboring Matoon for breakfast and then after dropping Ben off we headed off on our 3 1/2 hour journey home.

It was a great time Ben and

We Love You!



Ben & His Frat Compete In the air band competition