On May 30th,

Brett & Ari went to the Buffalo Grove High School Prom

Brett is a junior and had asked friend Ari to the big dance.  Ari is a sophomore at Buffalo Grove High School and they went to the dance with Brett's friend Justin and his date Aimee.

Before the evening started everyone went over to a friends house for pictures.  But as it was drizzling - most of them had to be taken indoors and it was quite crowded.   Picture right is of Brett & Ari with picture immediately below left is of Justin, Aimee, Ari & Brett taken together.   Snap all the way down is all of the girls showing off their beautiful dresses.

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The prom was held at the Westin hotel in Wheeling and following the dance many of the couples went over to Ari's home to while away the rest of the evening....


Looks like they had a great time!