On a cold, but clear Feb 23rd,

Brett and Beth Ann

went to the BGHS Turnabout dance. Beth Ann, is a lovely senior at Buffalo Grove HS where Brett is currently a Junior.  They were introduced several weeks ago by Brett's friend Bobby and his girlfriend Jen - who went with them to the dance.

As you can see, Beth Ann is a lovely girl who looked especially beautiful this night.  As is tradition for the Turnabout dance, she had asked Brett to the dance a couple weeks ago by giving him an oversized cookie with the letters 'TA?' frosted onto the cookie.   Brett thought about it for about a half second before he immediately assented to the offer.

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Beth Ann and her father Charlie, stopped at our house before for some pictures of just the 2 of them.  Then Brett, Beth Ann, father Charlie and myself went over to another chum's house for group photos.  Picture upper left is a closeup of the happy couple.   To the right is a group photo of Beth Ann & Brett with their friends Jen and Bobby.   All the way on the bottom is a group ohoto of all the couples prior to them leaving.

They went to dinner at some restuarant by Randhurst, to the dance and then back to Bobby's house where they whiled away the remainder of the evening.

Looks like they had a great time!