On November 15, Brad & I made the trek out to Macomb, Illinois to visit oldest boy

Bryan at Western Illinois University

where Bryan is a senior.   We hadn't been to see one of WIU's football games this year so we braved 35 degree temperatures to sit thru the Fighting Leathernecks of WIU play the Illinois State Redbirds.

Following our almost 4 hour ride, which featured me getting a speeding ticket from the lovely Illinois State Police, we met Bryan at his flat that he shares with roomate Chris.  It's a nice  2 bedroom on the second floor of the complex.  

From there we walked over to the football stadium and withstood the elements for what turned out to be a very exciting game.   Regulation play ended in a 45-45 tie and in the overtime the Fighting Leathernecks prevailed when they kicked a field goal to mercifully end this marathon and send the crowd running for warmth.

Funniest moment of the day - which is in the video below- is of Leatherneck mascot 'Rocky' coming over to see us.  Bryan, sensing I was going to embarass him by talking with Rocky, bolted away from Brad & I when I called the Rock over.  

Saying "I'm Outa Here!" , Bryan bolted off to the concession stand until the Rock was safely gone.  Bradley was crying he was laughing so hard.

We had a great time visiting our Bryan!

Video Of our visit to Bryan at WIU