Continuing a tradition that she has done for a couple years now,

Mom came up North

for an extended weekend to celebrate Christmas with her family. She arrived on a Thurday in mid-December and flew out the following Monday back to her home in Sarasota.  Sadly, Carl was not up to making the trip with her.

On the Sunday of the weekend, we gathered in Laurie's home to celebrate not only Christmas but the birthdays of cousins Jaclyn & Allison.  They are lovely young ladies.

They each got a multitude of presents and were thrilled with them all.  Following, the rest of the kids opened their gifts from Mom & Carl.  Laurie had a nice meal and together we had a nice afternoon.

We all missed Kathy & Brett who are in Florida at Mom's home but will see them soon.  Picture upper left is Mom getting a big hug from Allison after she gave her the much desired 'Sherbert Bunny'.  Pictures to the right is of Jaclyn showing off her latest gift with Allison showing all of her animals that she loves so much.

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Happy birthday Jaclyn & Allison

Great to see you Mom and

Merry Christmas!