Celebrating Mom & Carl's

25th Wedding Anniversary on a Carribean Cruise!

During the week of July 28th, Mom & Carl hosted our family and  all 3 sisters families to a wonderful 5 day cruise throughout the Western Carribean. Leaving from Tampa aboard Carnival Cruises oceanliner Inspiration, we settled back and enjoyed a great time together while helping Mom & Carl celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. The ship docked in Grand Cayman and Cozumel where most everyone enjoyed the local shopping, snorkeling or scuba.

Everyone had their favourite activities during the day, from sunning to swimming to off shore excursions, to gambling, to eating - but we all came together each day at the early dinner sitting where we recounted the adventures of each day to each other.  It was a great experience to vacation together as a family.

Highlight of the week was the presentation of a "Blessing Bowl" that sisters Laurie, Jean, Nancy and Kathy had prepared in commemoration of Mom & Carl's big day. We did this in the Candlelight lounge where all 21 of us gathered in our best finery.  Inside the bowl were 50 hand written anniversary wishes from Mom & Carl's friends and family around the country.  

Mom was a teary mess as she read through the tender messages.  I gave a toast to the happy couple complete with Champagne and sparkling soda for everyone. Picture upper left is of Carl & Mom with her clutching her prized "Blessing Bowl".

Picture immediately below is of the entire family looking sharp in our Sunday best.  Snap all the way down is of Mom with all her grandkids flashing the cash they received from Grandma for spending aboard ship.

Thanks to Mom and Carl for a spectacular vacation together and all our love to you as you celebrate your silver wedding anniversary!