On Sunday evening, December 14, Red Rabbit Racing attended the 

Illinois Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association Christmas Ball! 

Held in the Turf Club at Hawthorne Race course, we had 9 in our party including partners, Jeff, Jean & Rick along with Jeff's spouse Vicky, his dad Bob Johnson & Jean's husband Steve. Mary Ann Thrun, mother to partners Jean & Rick was also in attendance along with young buck rabbits Scott Gallo & Brad Johnson. 

Sadly, trophy wife Kathy Rabbit, Sr. RRR Partner Peggy, and trainer Chris Block and babe wife Linda, could not make it - and we missed them all. 

It was a great evening that started with a Prime Rib meal, and was followed by a floor show featuring a tribute to the Blues Brothers, shown in picture to the upper right. 

After the floor show a raffle was held and unbelievably family patriarch Bob Johnson's name was pulled out of the hat by none other than ITHA president Frank Kirby - winning him a brand new digital camera. Picture to the left shows Uncle Bob Rabbit receiving his prize from the ITHA's Lisa Guzman.

Click here for the pictures on the night 

click here for video of the Blues Brother Floor Show

click here for video of the Rabbits dancing to Honky Tonk Women 

Make sure you look at the pictures of the evening from the link just above. Also, there are 2 video snippets that can be seen of the evening. One is of The Blues Brother floor show with the second is of the Rabbit Women dancing to the Stones Honky Tonk Women. Tremendous. 

Highlight of the evening though was having our picture taken with the famous Haran brothers, John & Seamus, owners of Haran Throroughbreds & their trainer Frank Kirby shown all the way on the bottom. 

John, Seamus & Frank had incurred some Rabbit wrath back in July of 2007 when they claimed our second horse, Salt Syn from us following our second win with her. But as you can see it is all water under the bridge as we had a great time with them arm-in-arm as seen in the picture.