On May 25th, the family of Ruth Zamzow celebrated her

80th birthday!

Ruth is the mother of Kathy's sister-in-law, Jan Batz - who is married to brother Gary.   They threw a party marking this landmark birthday that featured the entire family coming in to share in the festivities. 

The party was held at the home of Gary & Jan Batz and the weather was beautiful.  Jan had called me a couple weeks ago and asked if I would mind taking a few pictures.  I was happy to oblige and join in wishing Mrs. Zamzow a great birthday and many, many more!

Click here for the pictures

Picture top left is the guest of honor seated with her husband Bill and their children.  To the right is a montage of each of the families with the large snap at the bottom being of the entire group.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Zamzow!