Thanks to the efforts of Irene Espinosa, she pulled off the

Blue Cross/Blue Shield IT Reunion!

Irene, still quite the babe after not having seen her for over 20 years, pulled together a reunion that she held at her home this past Sept 26th.

Over 15 former co-workers attended the event and are pictured in the snap to the left.  I had departed BCBS in 1988 for Motorola and had literally not seen any of them since then.

Ably helped by her boyfriend Shane, Irene hosted a nice lunch that was enjoyed by all.  The coosome twosome are pictured in the snap below and to the right.

Apparently, Irene had tracked me down by calling the R Johnson's in the phone book in the Northwest suburbs and finally got through to Kathy, who confirmed that I was THAT Rick Johnson that she was looking for. 

click here for all the pictures

After I called her back, we agreed to have lunch and compare notes over the last 20 years.   Co-incidentally, Irene lives maybe 200 yards from my Woodridge office at Hendrickson.

Over the course of the afternoon we all caught up on the doings of each other.  Some had retired, others were about to retire, some had left - about everything you could imagine.   Both Kathy & I had a great time and thanks go to Irene for planning this.

Snap below is from the team I managed back in 1988 taken at Wrigley field, oh so many summers ago.   See if you can match them up with the people in photo above!


Thanks again Irene - it was great!