Attending the Surprise 40th Birthday Party of

Becky Sanford!

Becky is the babe wife of Hendrickson colleague and friend Doug Sanford, who put together a surprise Birthday Bash for his wife on the eve of her 40th Birthday.  

Becky and Kathy had become friends last year at the annual Board meetings in Sanibel, Fl.   Doug had rented out Peanuts Bar & Grill in downtown Naperville for the evening. 

All the friends and family were at the bar by 6pm and when Doug wheeled her in at 6:15, it was clear she was taken totally by surprise, as picture to the left shows quite clearly.

Kathy & I didn't know any of the other guests, but as the night progressed we met, talked, and got to know most of them.  Everyone was very friendly and we had a great time.   

I had helped Doug pull some Photo collages together celebrating Becky's 1st 40 years and they can be seen by clicking the links below.    I also created a special present for Becky while making fun of Doug, (talk about getting 2 birds with one stone) which can be seen by clicking the link below as well. 

Photo immediately below is Becky posing with her family, with snap all the way down of Doug & Doug in the Bar's front window.

We were honoured to receive the invitation, really enjoyed the evening, and wish

Becky A Happy 40th Birthday and all the best on her next 40 years!