During the weekend of March 29th, Kathy Brett, Brad & I traveled to EIU for the

2009 Greek Week Air Band Competition!

Second son Ben is an active member in his fraternity Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) and along with his fraternity brothers they put on a skit at the annual Air Band show.  The show features all of the sororities/fraternities creating a singing and dance routine that they perform.  It is pretty over the top and they all have a great time doing it.

Check out the video at the bottom of the page

Ben had a short solo doing the Macarena pictured to the right.   In their closing scene, our Benjamin is dressed in the blond wig and cocktail dress pictured as you scroll down to the bottom of this page.   Sure glad to see our tuition money is well spent.

Ben's frat won 3rd place for their show.  They got to do it twice, because the first time that they did it the backdrop for the stage fell down exposing many of them in mid costume change that was absolutely hysterical.

Great Job Ben!

ATO 1st Performance When Stage Background Fell Down

ATO 2nd performance replay

ATO Wins third place