On a rainy Oct. 3rd, Brad and girlfriend Christina went to their

Homecoming Dance At Buffalo Grove HS!

Brad & Tina are both seniors at BGHS.  Following BG's homecoming football victory held in the rain on Friday night, it was now time to get cleaned up and head to the big dance.

Along with 5 other couples they started their evening with a meal at new restaurant Bappi's in Arlington Heights.   Brad did the driving with his brand new Driver's License that he just obtained this week.  Picture right is the good looking pair taken at her home prior to going to dinner.   They sure look great.

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Tina & Brad have been going out for some time now and as you can see she is just a lovely girl.   They make a great pair. Picture below is of the entire group as they posed for their group picture.

Hope you two had a great time at the the dance!