August 31st, 2009 marks Bryan 1st Day

in his paid profession

On this Monday, Bryan started his professional career as a paid employee of Cook County in his role in the Emergency Management department of this Government agency.  In this function Bryan participates in managing any emergencies - accidental or not - which may befall the citizens of Cook County.   He works in downtown Chicago on the 26th floor of the George Dunne building next to City Hall and across from the Chicago Civic Center - staring right into the eyes of the Picasso sculpture.

Click here to see Bryan's 1st letter of Commendation That he received as an intern

Bryan had interned there following his University graduation this past May and his work was such that his superiors offered him a paid position that started today.   Listed below are some key points in Bryans life both past and projected.

Very Proud Of You Bryan And Good Luck In Your Profession

Remember this....

'You work to live not live to work!'

We Love You!