Joined by Mom we spent a

Lovely Christmas Holiday - 2009!

For the 1st time in 26 years, Mom was in the Chicago area for the Christmas festivities. She split time between my sisters houses and she got to see a White Christmas as there was plenty of snow on the ground.  It was great to have her with us.

Christmas Eve had the Johnson family at the traditional family get together for Kathy's side of the family, hosted by Jay and Val Batz at their Barrington home.  Picture upper right is of the cousins together there.  

Following that we went to my cousin Barb's where my side of the family was gathered.  That picture is seen just lower under the pictures links.

On Christmas morning, the Johnson family opened their presents that Santa left under the tree,   Among other gifts, Bryan got an Overcoat, Ben got a DVD player & tickets to the 2010 Cubs Convention, Brett got a laptop (combo HS Graduation/Christmas gift), and Brad got a new phone.  Kathy also got a new cell phone and Rick got a Red Stopwatch for timing Charley's Breezes. Pretty good.....

On Christmas Day, Kathy hosted my entire family to a sumptuous banquet that she had been preparing for days.  She did a great job.  The meal was great, all the cousins got EVERY gift they wanted and their were other special gifts that were given.  One was the 2010 Red Rabbit Racing Calendar given to the partners and Mom.   Also, each of the Sisters got a Tiffany Charm Bracelet signifying their undying love for each other - no mention of the love for their husbands - though.   Picture all the way on the bottom is of the girls modeling their bracelets.  Picture to the left is of Mom with youngest Grandchild Tyler, modeling his Mario cap that he had just received.

After the family left - the real adventure began.   Our neighbors, The Lee's came over with their relations down from Canada for the holidays. In the midst of the conversations, Kathy went upstairs to get something to show Sharron Lee.   As she bounded up the steps, she missed one and pitched backwards cracking her head hard on the tile floor of the landing.  She was OUT for about 20 seconds and when she came to, the knot on the back of her head was noticable and getting bigger.   So off to the Emergency Room we went to get her checked out.   A CT scan showed no internal bleeding but she definitely had a concussion that will require her to take it easy over the next few days.   Whew.

On this Christmas we give thanks for our many Blessings And our Family is at the top of that list. 

Merry Christmas!