On Labor Day weekend, I went down to Raccoon Lake, Indiana to celebrate

Greg Goluska's 60th Birthday!

I have known Greg since 1981 when we both worked together at Motorola when we were both COBOL programmers.  Our paths have diverged and re-crossed several times over that span from Marconi to Hendrickson. 

He is a goofy guy, what with his collection of Hats, the Smart Car purchase, the useless junk he has collected over the years - but I am proud to say he is my friend - and I ain't taking on any new ones.

His party was held at his Lake House at Raccoon Lake in central Indiana.   There were a huge number of guests that attended as can be seen in the photo directly below.  Photo up and to the right is Greg with his son Benjamin.

On Party Day, the events were kicked off with a nine hole outing at world famous Raccoon Lake Country Club.  2 competitions were held during this prestigious event.   One was for Longest Putt that was won by Ben Goluska.  The second was for most Inept Shot Having Actually Struck The Ball.  This was won by none other than the Birthday Boy himself for an utterly wretched shot on the very 1st hole.

Following the golf, Greg and lovely wife Nancy laid on a fine Birthday Dinner of a roasted pig and all the trimmings.   During the meal, the 4 man Blue Grass Band started playing and if you closed your eyes you thought you were with Andy Taylor and Barney Fife on the porch of their home in Mayberry.  Spectacular.

Picture left is of lovely daughter Katie with Greg & Nancy's 1st grandson Will.   As you can see they are both just beautiful.

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As I had to leave early, I missed the DJ who was just pulling up to play music the entire evening - which I am sure was spectacular.

Congratulations Greg on your 60th Birthday -

This one will be hard to trump on your 70th!