On a cold and rainy July 4th the

15th Edition Of the Johnson's Family Reunion

was again hosted by Bob & Peggy Lenz at their world-famous Riverwoods farm in El Paso, IL

Given the weather it was no surprise that this edition was not as heavily attended as in prior years but was no less fun than any of them. Family Matriarch Harriett Johnson and Family Patriarch Bob Johnson were both in attendance along with the full Davis contingent from Indiana.

All the surviving Red Rabbit Racing investing partners were present, the Upchurch's, the Bellews, half of the Gregorio's, the Watseka based Johnson's, and the Matthew Johnson's from Appleton.

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Their were many highlights on the day, but one that was captured on digital film is shown directly below and the accompanying story goes like this:

Rick, in the red golf shirt on the left, was locked in a heated table tennis battle with none other than his Southpaw uncle Roy Amis Johnson, on the right. As most know, Uncle Roy is a devout Christian, gifted athlete, Viet Nam Veteran, Educator, great Dad & husband and a great living example to each and every Johnson male worldwide.

Well, unbelievably Rick had eeked out a 16-11 lead against Uncle Roy when out of nowhere, family idiot Steve Gallo walks by Rick's side of the table, bends over, and rips off a fragrant blast directly in the field of play. As you can see in the photo, the resulting acrid smoke screen causes Rick to miss that crucial point and in his frantic desire to obtain clean air, he loses the next 6 points in a row, propelling Roy onto victory. Steve is, and remains, the ass of the family.

Given the rain, most of us visited in the large garage, awaiting the mammoth feast that we always have which we enjoyed around 6 pm. There must have been 10 dogs also attending the party, in all shapes and sizes. Multiple dogfights ensued throughout the afternoon - but no injuries were reported. After dinner, the rain abated and we did venture outside onto the driveway where we enjoyed the girls putting on a WebKins Show, highlights of which were when one of the dogs stole one of the Webkins and raced around the front yard trailed by the howling girls.

Picture below is a family photo of all in attendance taken later in the evening. Rusty Johnson is missing as he had already departed for the evening and Rick Johnson is absent as he was taking the picture while still recovering from Steven's vile blast.

many thanks to Bob & Peggy Lenz for the hard work in hosting this summer highlight!