On a snowy January 11, we attended the Baptism of

Lilianna Marie Ryan

Lilianna is the infant daughter of Sara & Kevin Ryan. Sara is the daughter of longtime friends Gail & Bob Moran. Though Kathy could not attend as she was still in Florida, Bryan, Brad & myself were thankful to be invited and very happy to witness the blessed event.   

It was held at St. James Church in Arlington Heights.   The Moran family was there in it's entirety except for beautybabe daughter Katie who had headed back to university in Colorado earlier in the week.   Mary Moran, younger sister of Sara, was the proud Godmother and Kevin's brother was Godfather.

Following the ceremony we went back to Bob & Gail's where we had a nice lunch and a great afternoon  of visiting with our friends.

Picture upper left is Godmother Mary holding lovely Lilianna with mother Sara to the left. Father Kevin is all the way to the left with Godfather bookending on the right.   Picture right is of Bob & Gail holding Lillianna after the ceremony and all the way down is the Moran family posing for a picture with God's newest child.

ALl the way on the bottom of the page is video of the Priest's message and the Lilianna's Baptism into Christ. Praise God Almighty.

God Bless You Lilianna On this

your baptismal day!

Shannon With Nephew before service


Priest's Message


Lilianna Baptized