Steve Gallo is 65!In the break between Christmas and New Years, we got together with my Sisters and Bro-in-laws to celebrate

Steve Gallo's 65th Birthday!

Steve, worthless husband to sister Jean, had this milestone birthday back in November, but nobody wanted to get together to celebrate back then - so my sister pleaded with us to break out some time to honor her husband over the Christmas break.   As we were still in good holiday cheer we grudgingly agreed.

We met at Morton's Steakhouse in Schaumburg and the meal was fantastic. Picture to the right is elderly Steve enjoying a slice of birthday cake, while picture all the way on the botton is of the group posing with the man of honor.

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Between courses, we went round the table asking all to say something about Steven and I captured most of the comments below.

As much as he bugs the crap out of me, what with his endless boring stories, the extended length of time it takes for him to eat even the smallest morsel of food, and all the other niggling irritations, I have to admit that he is OK.  My comment is the first one listed above and I mean it - He is Family!

Congratulations Steven - Happy 65th and may you

enjoy many more!

PS...   Note Picture of General Charley on right side of photo.....