On the evening of February 28th, Kathy & I participated in the

Chili Cookoff

at our own Trinity Lutheran Church.

This is the second year of this event - though Kathy & I missed it the first year.   There was an excellent turnout of what looked to be over 100 people.   17 people entered the Chili Cook-off competition and our Kathy was the last to arrive with her home made Chili - and took the 17th slot on the tasting table.  Her chili was very good, but alas as we were late, other people had already voted for their favourite and our little Kathy didn't place in the money.

We sat with our good friends the Godfrey's and spent most of the time talking with their babe daughter Laura and hunky husband Steve.   Picture to the right is the 4 of us right before they closed the doors at the blistering late hour of 8:00PM.

Long time friend Dorothy Thrun was there and her oldest son Mark came along with Alvin.  It was good to see them as we hadn't seen them in some time.  Picture below is Kathy with Mark Thrun and his 2 nieces, Jasmine and Emily.

Click here for all the pictures on the evening

We all had a great time and next year kathy Wins it All!